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site for Gokova & Akyaka
I have read that a few of the members have purchased property in this area and trying to find out info on Calis cam across this one. not quite up to date but I am sure that it could be pushed by person in the region to get it activated. but inthe meantime very informative with some good links, Nige and Lynn would probably find it interesting.

site for Gokova & Akyaka
thanks for thinking of us Lorraine :)
yes there's some good info on there. The organisation who run it "Friends of Gokova" do some good work in the area, such as conservation & nature, art events, pressure groups, research, dog neutering scheme etc. They did a study on the mossies and found that most were not breeding in the wetlands, but in peoople's gardens! It gives tips on how to prevent mozzies breeding around area of your house. good photos on there too. Pity they haven't updated it for ages.
thanks. :D

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