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Simon Dee R.I.P.
yep another of the people banned from the BBC..and ruined careers..including kenny everet..R.I.P. ..


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Simon Dee R.I.P.
How sad. I still remember him in his prime on Radio Luck Lucky Luxembourg 208. I even went to London and met him in the studio a couple of times and announced Hello to my friends in Norway at the time - Yonks Ago!!! He was such a handsome, kind and funny man at the time. Strangely enough, my apt no. is 208 now and it STILL reminds me of that time and age with Radio Luxembourg...


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Simon Dee R.I.P.
He used to start his show with a film of him driving an E Type down (or was it up?) a spiral ramp - had us in open mouthed admiration.
But I also remember that at the time he got too big for his boots and demanded huge salary rises. He was at the top of his trade and brought about his own downfall - very sad.


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