Silver Sands Beach . Out n About with Hida & Stan

SILVER SANDS BEACH (a day at the beach) Out and About with Hilda and Stan 24.05.07 A Day at the Beach Of course it takes half the day to pack the car so we always start the night before. You would think we were going for the week; we have to have all the “just in case “things, with Stan that means packing for every eventuality and weather type ever experienced. Here is a shortened version of his list – Wind-break, sun cream, towels, dry clothes, picnic and drinks (enough to feed a small army), first aid kit, (in case of sea snake bites, jelly fish stings, shark attack etc.) Assorted deck chairs, sun hats, coats (I know it’s Turkey in May, but you can’t be too careful, or so Stan is always telling Hilda). Anyway after ensuring the house is locked up like Fort Knox (just in case) we are on our way, a journey that actually takes less than 10 minutes. There are heaps of beaches to choose from along “Long Beach” but our favorite is Silver Sands. The arrival its takes ages as Stan spends ten minutes deciding the best place to park, re sun, shade likelihood of been hit by other car park users etc. finally he is satisfied and we begin the laborious process of unloading the car. Hilda suddenly gets all of a dither at the sight of several smiling helpful young men and the car is unloaded in no time. Next Stan has to decide where to sit. This procedure involves checking the angle of the sun, looking at his watch and making complex calculations whilst Hilda watches the young men, finally the decision is made, sun loungers selected and the hole dug. You may well ask. Stan is quite large (Hilda says fat) and finds he can only get off the sun lounger by rolling on to his knees and then making an undignified scramble to his feet, which has Hilda rolling about for entirely different reasons! Stan of course has the solution, a hole about 2 feet deep is dug, (by the ever helpful beach boys) on the side he gets off, allowing him to swing his legs over the side, stand in the hole and then get up in the manner more befitting The Englishman Abroad, (Hilda tries to look as if he isn’t with him, and anyway is too busy watching the beach boys to notice). Then comes the sun cream ritual, Stan has been reading articles on the internet about skin cancer and refuses to sit in the sun unless covered in factor 50. So Hilda spends the next 10 minutes covering him in cream and trying to explain that you don’t need to put it places where the sun is not going to get! Naturally all the activity has made Stan hungry so a menu is obtained from the restaurant and food and drink ordered (just to keep him going till lunch time). Hilda is ready for a G and T but contents herself with a cherry juice, and they both settle down to sunbathe and do some people watching. Stan spots a local family heading for the sun loungers and comments to Hilda “He’s got the right idea!” Hilda looks round and sees a couple with two small children, father is leading the way in skimpy trunks and carrying a video camera, then comes mother dressed in full costume and carrying, the baby, the picnic, the kids swimming stuff and of course all her husbands clothes and shoes, the older child (a boy) is carrying a beach ball. “ Treat em mean and keep em keen” says Stan, Hilda mutters something unprintable and waits. Why? Well Hilda knows that Stan has a sun tolerance of around half an hour and after that will be fast asleep for the next three hours. Sure enough, soon a fascinated crowd of children are stood round Stan giggling at the quite amazing sounds that are issuing from under his sun hat, and asking their parents if all English people do this strange thing. Hilda sees her chance and leaving Stan to his astonished audience makes her getaway. Now Hilda has always had a bit of a wild side and today’s is her big day, she has always fancied water sports and now’s her opportunity. Where to start? First she decides the banana boat, she’s been watching all morning and it cant be that hard, so into the water she goes and is helped into her lifejacket by a very good-looking young man, who tells her his name is Happy, whilst Hilda is pondering on his name she is lifted up and finds herself astride the banana, they start of slowly and Hilda is just beginning to think it’s a bit tame when a sharp turn sends them all flying off in all directions, Hilda hits the water, it doesn’t hurt and the sea is warm, although climbing back on is harder than she thought and not exactly elegant. At the end of the ride Hilda is really exhilarated and decides to try the jet ski next, this looks considerably faster than the banana boat and has the added advantage that Happy will take her on the two person model, this means she will have to hold very tight so as not to fall off. Hilda can’t remember a more exciting few minutes and decides the pedalos are far too tame for such an experienced extreme sports adventurer as herself. Another very handsome young man Ali asks if she would like to try Para ascending. Hilda doesn’t actually know what Para ascending is but full of bravado says she will try anything. The she sees in and suddenly realizes that involves a fast boat, a parachute and a very long rope! As Hilda watches a young girl flying overhead and managing to wave at the same time, she suddenly remembers Stan and rushes back over to him. The children have got bored tickling his nose with straws and imitating his snores and gone off to do better things, so there he is fast asleep in glorious isolation, (everyone else has moved away to get some peace and quiet)! After a short rest to recuperate from her activities Hilda prods him gently and suggests a cool drink. The waiter appears as if by magic and brings the drinks. Stan then makes a decision. They are going to have a go at the water sports. Hilda is amazed, she has never known Stan make such a move, but its OK panic over Stan’s idea of water sport excitement is the pedalo, on they get and round they go, in circles that is, Hilda cant get used to the fact you steer with your feet, and if one of you, (Stan) paddles faster than the other one (Hilda) you just go in circles. After half an hour Hilda is going dizzy and they give up and return to dry land where they both fall into a happy sleep dreaming of what might have been. After a refreshing nap they wake up and realize that time has moved on, and they are not quite as young as in their dreams. With a heavy sigh they heave themselves off the sun lounger or out of the hole in Stan’s case, and retire to the restaurant. A substantial snack later they find the beach boys are still busy. Stan tells Hilda they must by putting stuff away for the night, but Hilda recognizes party preparations when she sees them. She’s right, they are getting ready for a party (apparently they have lots through the summer; Hilda files this piece of info. away for later). But as it happens Stan has just spotted the first guests arriving, at least 8 young women so Hilda doesn’t have to plead but spends the night dancing to the latest records in the arms of several young men, by moonlight with the sand between her toes. Stan, he’s in his element lots of young ladies surround him all night telling him they wish they had a trendy granddad like him. I think it was the shorts Hilda bought at the Wednesday market, but then it could have been 3 lire the Ray-bans, Anyway, alls well that ends well, Hilda even gets the last dance with Stan.

Source Copy & Pasted from our own Album.


Nadine in disguise
Silver Sands Beach . Out n About with Hida & Stan
Oh, I would love to go to the beach with Stan, so well prepared, assorted coats and stuff like that..... it appeals to me

Nice story Zozatky.....

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