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At present we in the UK cannot visit Turkey because of the traffic light system. Turkey is on the RED list of countries we brits cannot visit if as a tourist.
I therefore have been using Utube to visit Side from video's uploaded by other people such as 'BOT KIDS' and 'TREAD THE GLOBE'
It is sad to see that most of the Turkish holiday places are empty of tourists including Side but the Turkish people are enjoying the beaches through your lockdown.
Me and the wife are hoping to travel to Side in October, so we will keep our fingers crossed.
Having viewed many of the Turkish resorts from the Utube videos, you cannot beat Side for beaches and a wide variety of things to do in this area.
On watching Utube 'Tread the Globe' they showed a Turkish girl setting up a turtle protection/education facility on the beach near the Manavgat river entrance to the Med. The video was very interesting and I never knew that this part of the beach was where the turtles laid their eggs. Great work by this girl.
Well we wait in hope that Side will one again be open to tourist in October. So hope to be there soon.

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