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i am new to the forums as well and only stumbled across this one when i was searching for information about buying in the side area and it has already been very informative. after visiting the side area a few times over the years i started looking at property to buy in side last year when some friends bought. since then i have been researching all the various costs involved in buying and kitting out a property in the area before i commit and have been surprised how inexpensive a lot of things are.

my friends bought an apartment in the village of ilica outside side. there are now new complexes there that seem to offer what i would be looking for just a short distance away from it all but some of them are very big and i would be worried about how crowded they might get in the summer.

hope to get time to drop in to the forum and will try to contribute if i can. when i get a place in the sun maybe i can meet up with some of the helpful people on here.
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Hi and welcome to the forum. We are moving over to the Side area on Sunday. You will get lots on helpful info from the forum.



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Hi Lemmy, welcome to TLF. I expect you have already found it useful in your ongoing research. Good luck in your property hunt and hope you get what you want. Regards Carol x


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Hi Lemmy, welcome to the forum.
We have bought in Ilica as well, but in a complex next to the big ones you mention. It is called Ilica Park and has just 35 apartments in total. The thing we liked most about it is that all of the apartments have got great views towards the Taurus Mountains. I don't think this little park will be terribly busy in summer. Have a look when you are next in the area. We bought several apartments there, but are having to consider selling some, so if you are interested please pm me for more information.

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