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Short trip from Bodrum to Istanbul
Frequently stay with my daughter near Bodrum & would like to visit Istanbul in September for 4 - 5 days. Does anyone know if there are any inclusive packages for flight from Bodrum & transfer to a Hotel in Istanbul plus maybe an itinerary for a tour?? Or are we better to try to do our "own thing" ?
Dont want to waste time trying to find our way round!!
Short trip from Bodrum to Istanbul
Hi Jacky

istanbul is a very easy city to navigate and easy to get to via flight from Bodrum. I would suggets doing your own thing and not pay tour guides or stuff like that. Get a cheap commuter flight up there and you're set. 4- 5 days is just a good amount of time to see the main sights and it feels like everyone in istanbul speaks english so you will have no problems getting around. It's a walking city so unless you have mobility issues you can potter around from one sight to another really easily.

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