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Shirleyann Birthday
Happy birthday, hope you have a good day I bet your mother thought it was the longest day the day you were born. Ha Ha



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Shirleyann Birthday
:pressie::pressie::pressie:Hope you have a very happy Birthday, Shirley, despite suffering with a cold and not being able to drink anything stronger than Lemsip!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Nadine in disguise
Shirleyann Birthday
:5:Doğum günü kutlu olsun canım !

I hope you have a nice day, what is a year more ? A year more is a year of more wisdom, allthough I doubt if that is even possible in your case....

Enjoy yourself,
If not today because of that cold of your, then tomorrow

Warmest (well, not that warm, Burası Belçika !) regards


And the word of the day is : Doğum günü = Birthday...... hèhè


Shake It Baby...
Shirleyann Birthday
Happy Birthday Shirley and don't forget, age is something that doesn’t matter, unless you are a cheese....


Shirleyann Birthday
thanks for all those wishes..
ive got the worst cold ever..croaking,coughing spluttering ugh
Turkish lemsip is Tylolhot ..its terrible..they have a hot orange one too.and thats worse..
should be renamed tyroltflmaohot. you have been warned.
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