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Sharks To Meet Grisly End
This is gruesome reading. I was always under the impression they hunted down and killed sharks in cases where people were attacked.

Seems a bit barbaric to deal with them in this way.

Sharks that attack swimmers will be hunted down, shot in the head and sawed apart until their spines are severed, according to reports.




I Love Kleopatra Beach !
Sharks To Meet Grisly End
Thats awful , yes i know its frightening for swimmers however these creatures were here befor humans , I think it stinks ..20 people , in all those years , how many drunk drivers who pose a threat to others have been shot in the head and had thier spines severd???
not to mention drug dealers and other dangerous people , why can't they put a hude net wall a good distance out from the beach so people are safe and also the sharks , or is thier brains even smaller than the sharks ......Diane


Sharks To Meet Grisly End
They could slit their stomachs open,and the ones with no human remains in ,are innocent


Sharks To Meet Grisly End
Oops - I thought this was another thread on Northern Ireland politicians!

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