Sharing My News!
Firstly apologies if I,ve posted this in the wrong place.

Through posting on Pebbles' threads, many of you now know that I have incurable cancer and have been very supportive.

About 8 weeks ago my treatment was changed and this latest regime is much kinder to my system.

This being so, it means that my hair has started growing again - yayyy.
Still waiting for the eyelashes and eyebrows to put in an appearance though LOL.

My good news???

Tomorrow I,m having my first haircut in 18 months! Well, haircut is probably a bit of an exaggeration, more like the removal of bumfluff :)

Believe me, it,s a great morale booster.

Just wanted to share..... :)



Going to get Thinner
Sharing My News!
Thank you for sharing that with us.We think we have got it bad then someone like you comes along and puts it all into perspective.

Your one brave lady :474cu:



Sharing My News!
I saw your avatar earlier on another thread and thought great picture.

Now I see you're great too!

Right I'm on my day off and your post is now getting me off my rear to exercise!!!

You're added to prayers list.!!!! Always remember some people rid themselves of incurable cancers so keep strong and fight back!

love Debbie Xx


Sharing My News!
Sorry to hear about your illness. You are an inspiration to everyone with your attitude, enjoy your day.:474cu:


Sharing My News!
Ow a haircut eh.!!!!!
Maybe soon you will be able to die your bum fluff bright pink.!!!

You ladies with the big C are so upbeat you put us all to shame.!!!

Take care love and hugs Maggie xxx
Sharing My News!
Hi Rainbow

Congrats on the hair, I am having my last chemo Thursday for Breast Cancer and on the weekend found some fluffy stuff on the top of my head so I can share your joy, off to Turkey in 4 weeks (booked the flights this morning) so hoping for perhaps a bit of a crew cut by then, also the eyebrows are starting to grow again, whatever happens the wig is staying home as I cant imagine wearing it in 40 degrees.

The only good thing is no need to get the bikini line done if you no what I mean LOL



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Sharing My News!
fantastic news rainbow, marks first chemo went well, a little hiccup which was soon resolved, a week of steroids and a week of antibiotics followed by a week off, he's upbeat and positive, as are you and pebble, I'm sure it helps....good luck!!!!


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I think you ladies are fantastic, if it was me I am sure I would crumble so keep up the good work, fight like mad, I personally think green or blue for the HAIR


Sharing My News!
I'm amazed at the bravery of so many of you who have been fighting this awful illness with courage and dignity. Along with my prayers you have my deepest respect.


Sharing My News!
Wow!! My utmost respect and heartfelt good wishes to all those on TLF who are suffering illness.

Makes me really humble when I hear about the dignity and courageousness others have when fighting this awful disease.

Blessings to you strong.


Sharing My News!
Good luck to you ALL - very brave people
I remember when my Mum"s hair began to grow again after her chemo - she was so chuffed when she had her first hair cut and could discard her wigs

So many folks we know that have the big C - puts us to shame who just moan about having a "bad back " etc
Be brave and fight back everyone - you can survive this !

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