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Life is so precious
Sending Positive vibes.
I want to send all my good wishes to everyone who are having an extremely bad time right now. All of these people come over as such positive characters and I am sending some more positive hugs and good wishes to you all. Probably will miss someone, but here are my positive vibes to Soo, Mark (Babsgood), Shirley, Sue (Morgul Antik), Gizmo (I hope things are getting better for you), Martians' son, and many more, and I will always forever have Pebble in my thoughts. This last few months have been a struggle for you all, and I wish all the families the strength to help and care for their loved ones.
Sending Positive vibes.
Lovely post SS
I often think about the people on here, mainly when I,m laying awake at night not able to sleep and I think to myself (mmm what a wonderful world - ooops sorry got carried away there!), that I,ll make a post the following morning and when morning does come chemo brain has kicked in and I forget :(

So, I just want to echo what you have written - positive vibes to everyone. Hopefully soon everyone will have something to celebrate.

Soo x

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