Selam, my name is Peter. I thought I would introduce myself as I am new to the forum. I am 53 and originally from Edinburgh in Scotland. I have lived permanently in Turkey for just over 2 years now with my Turkish partner Demet.
We spend our time over the year living in Tasucu near silifke, Ankara and Fethiye where I have had a property for about 7/8 years. I look forward to spending time contributing to threads on the forum where I can and also use the forum to keep informed about issues that interest me. Nice to meet you all.


Welcome to TLF, Peter, from a fellow Scot.

I'm from the Glasgow area, so won't really understand your accent..... eh?

Enjoy your time on here.


From one Peter to another I bid you welcome. Providing you don't take everything you read here too seriously you will enjoy yourself. Take your time to evaluate any information you see here and you will do fine. I have enjoyed my visits to Scotland in the past but never been quite so far north. Not got a head for heights. Hos geldin


Welcome to the forum Peter. Hope you find it helpful and enjoyable. As Pete says, don't take everything seriously but you'll suss who is a useful source of information and who is out to wind folk up!

We live full time near Fethiye - whereabouts in the Fethiye area do you stay?
Hi Carolyn, thanks for the welcome to the forum. I have a home in Foca Mahallesi in Gunlukbasi, just across from the football park at the Butterfly apartments.


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Welcome to the forum Peter.

But a word of warning … whatever you do don’t use those thumbs gizmos at the bottom of a post - they are actually self destruct buttons and will wipe out your hard drive!

... you'll suss who is a useful source of information and who is out to wind folk up!

Very true Carolyn, some bad bu99ers on here.
Hi and welcome to the forum from us too. We live in Akbuk, but we will be moving down to Fethiye next year, its a beautiful part of the country. Sue and Tony xx


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Welcome to the forum Peter, great first set of posts.
No, I am not Scottish, too far north for me......


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Selam Peter,

Welcome. Your experiences of life in Turkey will be useful as I'm sure the information on this forum may be to you too.


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