seeking urgently for a home....
Hello out there Merhaba

I am seeking to finaly find a home to rent in Altınkum, Antalya.
I am working in Kiriş, so anything close to the main road would
be perfect!
And as well please keep in mind I work for turkish salary.

Anyone out there who can help me to find asap a place to stay?


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seeking urgently for a home....

Happyeskimo is quite right..there's an suburb in Antalya city that has an Altinkum..its in Konyaalti area.

I think this thread should be moved to the Antalya forum.

Happyeskimo what is your budget? Look online for rentals or do what i did and goto the area you want to rent in and have a look around. Altinkum and Arapsuyu are close together as is Gursu which is a little more expensive to rent but there are many apartments to rent in these areas..you should find something quite quickly.
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seeking urgently for a home....
I will move it to the correct forum, I didn't realise there was another Altinkum in Antalya.


seeking urgently for a home....
Hi HappyEskimo, sasa is dead right, Hurriyet emlak is always a good place to start (Residence For Rent | Residence Search - Hurriyet Emlak) its much easier just to walk,drive around the area you want, phone (and fluent turkish speaker) in hand :) I live around there too and theres hundreds to rent and prices arent too bad (2 or 3 bed apartments 5 mins from the sea should be around 400-450 tl per month).

I wouldnt bother with agents unless youre looking for something specific as the extra costs are a pain, hope you find something and we may end up being neighbours :)

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