Seeing Green 2
Is it just me? Or anyone seeing the number 2 highligted in green?.:D

:36329ht5b Yes I know what you mean and for me its not just the number 2 it is other letters too. I can look at a page and pick out a few letters that look green. I thought because I wear variofocal glasses it might be that thats causing it.. Its definately not what I drink either unless tea causes it........... :D


Sally from Yali
Seeing Green 2
Jeanne, I think you'll find you are "special"!

This is a condition called synaesthesia, and as many as one in 2,000 people has it. It occurs when some people 'see' colours when they look at numbers and letters and is caused by the five senses imtermingling. A research team from the University of California San Diego believes that the condition is due to cross-activation between adjacent areas of the brain involved with processing different sensory information. This cross-wiring might develop by a failure of the "pruning" of nerve connections between the areas as the brain develops while still in the womb.

Someone with synaesthsia might see red when they look at a cetain number or letter drawn in black ink on a white background because the red perception area of the brain is stimulated at the same time as the number or letter recognition area. Some see colours when they hear music or words. Others 'taste' words.

The study at the University tracked the brain activity of people with the most common form and found peaks in areas involved with perceiving shapes and colours. When the people without synaesthesia looked at letters and numbers only the brain areas involved with processing this information lit up on brain activity scans. In comparison, the people with synaesthesia had activity in colour perception regions as well. Those who had stronger colour perception had more activity in their colour perception brain areas.

The condition is eight times more common among artists than the general population - so it would be interesting to know if you are artistic?

I'd also be interested to know if it was more common in men or women or if there was no difference.





Seeing Green 2

Sorry to disapoint you - Only artistic when alcohol is involved:77wu:

It would seem my Synaesthesia has now cleared and the number 2 is back to its normal colour.:dizzy:

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