See some of you soon
Fly to Georgia from Azerbaijan tomorrow.
Couple of days up there then on to Yalikavak, arriving early tuesday morning. Will be in Yali for ten days or so.

If my Turkish vodafone dongle still works, I will be online.
Hopefully meet up for a Pide and Pint in Hanumali ( I think that they are open all year, they were last year)



Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
See some of you soon
Safe journey from me too Mike. The lads are great, in Hanimelli, good traditional turkish grub, enjoy meeting up with your mates there.


See some of you soon
Safe journey and enjoy your time in Yalikavak -- say Hello to all the street dogs for me please and tell them I will be back soon !!!!


See some of you soon
Hanumeli (sp) is right in the centre of Yalikavak. Near the water fountain, next door to DVD and CD shop and opposite the currency exchange ( the one that offers the worst rate in Yali)

I have UK keyboard so can not type the name properly.

letter i without the dot on top is pronounced more like a "u". so I spell it with a "u"

Apparently the name means "by womans hands"

The guy that owns it is a local character, known by all, shaved head and goaty beard (however that does come and go) he rides a Motorcycle. When I say local character I mean that in a good way. Brilliant bloke, never forgets a face, will always find a table for you. And best of all NEVER EVER pushy.

They also now have another restaurant in Bodrum, he shares his time between the two, when not in Yalikavak his wife is in charge, and she never forgets a face either.

Any way, Just arrived in Georgia, only a one hour flight from Azerbaijan, but it was a little bit bumpy today.

Saying that sound like it can not be any worse than the roads through Yali next week

See you all soon.


See some of you soon
Yep freezing cold & snow in Istanbul and powercuts for up to 5 hours at a time ! My friend phoned me last night from there.
Hanimeli is the name for honeysuckle as the flowers look like a ladies hands.
Muslu is the nice owner and the original restaurant in Gumbet is run by his dad and the one in Yalikavak is the second one. His cousin Ahmet has the Anchor bar and another cousin has the Sandiman bar.


See some of you soon
Well, sorry for not following up on a Pide and Pint.
My vodafone dongle does not work on my new laptop (Windows 7)
I did try to get on line at the cafe in Yalikavak, but slow connection, could not even download new driver for the dongle.
Then decided to just stay at home due to weather and The Blummin Road Works (trying to be polite)

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