Security problem Firefox
Anyone that uses Firefox is open to their passwords being read. If like me you login and use the 'remember this password' option are open to someone reading your passwords. Let's face it we all probably only use 5 or 6 passwords for all our logins on the web. Now I'm on a Mac right now but Windows is similar. On Firefox a Mac it's File - Preferences (Windows - Tools - Options) then go to passwords and show passwords and there in a list is all your remembered passwords. Of course once someone has your password list they could probably go to other sites you visit and try each of them. Fortunately there is an option for a master password to be set to see any of the passwords. Again this show the importance of not sharing logins with anyone. If you share a pc give the other person their own login and they will get their own profile and hence none of your information. Of course if your pc/laptop gets stolen then you need to make sure you have a passworded login.


Security problem Firefox
Good advice Martyn, even better is to put a password in the BIOS (as windows passwords are so easy to crack too) so the disk doesnt even have a chance to spin if its wrong. (OK, so removing the CMOS battery or hitting the CMOS reset jumper can reset it but most people dont know that...........damn).


Security problem Firefox
Gosh, thanks Martyn, didn;t even know my passwords saved there. If i chose a master password to i have to use it everytime i log on to firefox, or is it used just to show
your password in the tools option.

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