Secondhand Car Purchase Process.
Can anyone advise on the process of buying, registering, insuring and taxing a car in Mugla area ?.......

I know Car buyer needs Residence Permit, is there any other requirements, and what is the process of buying
a secondhand car from a garage. I assume buying privately is the same as buying from a garage.


Grey wisdom
Secondhand Car Purchase Process.
We bought one a few years ago. We and vendor had to go to a noter, with car reg document. We had to pay for a translator, (although we spoke better Turkish than translator did English). The money transfer was done by bank transfer, when complete we signed the paperwork. the plates were taken off outside the noter and handed to the noter. The next day we went to the fraffic dept with a 'fixer' who completed the paperwork and got the plates (we had to insure it before going to the traffic dept). Sorry there was a bit missing, but we were strapped for time so we hired a fixer for the last bit. As we are foreign we could not keep the original plates, we needed MA plates.

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