Season Greetings
Christmas time is here and so I wish to you,
A day that’s filled with love and joy,
And dreams that do come true.

A table laden with the best, of meats and veg and wine,
Happy voices laughing loud, all having a good time.

A Christmas tree, with lots of lights, bending with its load,
A roaring fire with glowing logs to keep you from the cold.

I wish you peace, good health and wealth
For the new year soon to come.
So “Merry Christmas” my friends and kin to you and everyone xx

(Composed by Sue, my lovely and talented Wife).


Season Greetings
Jackie and Steve say , a very Joyous and Merry Christmas to one and all.

Peace and Harmony

Steve N Jackie.

Loving Awareness Transcends
Thoughtful words. Thanks. Hope Jackie soon recovers.

Been very exhausting for me but interesting company at the Xmas table. Divided opinions but harmonious laced with some great humour. Great day.

Best bit was when the little one arose at 6am, scampering around humming happily burst into our bedroom. On viewing my husband in his undies the happy smiling face went into shock and horror.
Shaking his head and crying No, No, No he ran off still shaking his head!

To appease him I got up in my dressing gown and was led by hand to the back door and given a Satsuma to feed the Cat with.
6am and I was outside in the dark and a bitterly cold wind shouting for Stanley the Cat, Satsuma in hand to feed him with-whilst the little one jumped up and down clapping me on.

This is not normal practice for me but despite being absolutely cream crackered bit sad now the house is silent and they've all gone home.

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