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Search Engine Optmization
Interestingly no one has posted here before,

Anyways, i just wanted point out some tips about google indexing system.

When you submit a website to google, it crawls to your website and consider some criterias befora ranking it;

1 - Meta tags (keywords, description)
2 - Content : checks for keyword in the content and how unique it is in googles database and checks for spam. If you use certain keywordsrepeatedly and abuse it , google penalize it by lowering the rank.
3 - Link Popularity : google also heavily relies on link popularity. This means how many inbound and outbound links you have and if these are relevant to your content. Getting links from higher paged ranked website is always better than lower ranked websites.
4 - Ip checks. Google also considers IPs when checking inbound links. If the inbound link is coming from the same ip then it is significance is lower than different ip.
5 - Google also tend to increase your rank when your website getting older in the index.

In any case if you try to trick google and it realizes, than it pushes you to sandbox where your name will be at the very bottom on the index or none at all.

There are still a lot of tips and tricks for search engine optimization, but i think these gives a general idea. :)


Search Engine Optmization
poi.... thanks for the post. Very useful.

I have had to move it to this forum as the one you posted in is actually earmarked for deletion.



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Search Engine Optmization
yea, i noticed that after I made the post and was looking how to move it :)
thanx :)

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