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saying hello
hi all in dalaman this my first thread we are going back to dalaman end off october having been there 3 times this year.cant wait for golf to open but it still looks a long way away at the moment.if you are looking for good food and a friendly pub atmosphere then smileys or the proper name ismail is a good place to go.lots off the friendly locals there and expat locals if you can call them that. hope to post a bit more and find out more about the dalaman area. all the best from eucalyptus.


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saying hello
And what about saying hello to the rest of us that don't live in Dalaman.:3:

Welcome to you :dooh:


saying hello
Welcome Eucalyptus,

Dalaman changes so very quickly these days. All updates are appreciated.

enjoy TLF
saying hello
Hi and welcome,we also have a place in Dalaman,and love hearing about anything new!,have learn't a lot from my daily dose of TLF,very Addictive.........

Andy & Sue

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