Save time - just advertise
I was on an airport transfer in the early hours this morning when about 20 young girls came through going to Marmaris. They all had the same T shirts on emblazoned with "Turkey '09 Totty"

It made me smile - these younguns haven't got time for the slow romantic approach - time's too valuable to waste I guess?


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Save time - just advertise
To a Turkish waiter.lt is like winning the lottery once they step off the coach.
Departing of there money,grooming the mind to get married for settlement in Britian,selling of a property at over inflated prices with the waiters name on the tapu.
Did l leave anything out."ooh"!,yes they will charm you like saying you are the moon and the stars.This is when you knock him over the head with a chair,so he himself will see what stars are really like

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