sat nav to turkey from uk
hi can anyone recommend a good sat nav system that we can buy that will direct us from uk to turkey


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sat nav to turkey from uk
I don't know how good sat nav is that is already pre installed in cars but my dad has it in his Mercedes (the computer thingy) and he said it worked perfectly until they got into Turkey itself. I think that is the main problem with most sat navs - the Turkey part of the trip.
sat nav to turkey from uk
We had a Garmin sat nav when in the UK and we could get it to work for all of Europe except of course Turkey - you could buy a programme for it but it was a ridiculous amount of money, if I remember correctly more than the sat nav cost!!

If you go to the RAC website you can put in your departure point and your destination in Turkey and it will give you a route.



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sat nav to turkey from uk
TomTom have a turkey map available, it covers 63% of the country. It costs around £40.

I have not used it myself but intend to get it shortly.


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sat nav to turkey from uk
i have the tom tom europe and turkey and it will cover your journey,

sat nav to turkey from uk
If you have already a Sat Nav and it takes the standard SD type card you can buy justthe updated card for all of Europe including counties such as Turkey from Amazon and Ebay

I know bot tom tom and Navman cards were available on both and I got the navman version which actually changes the software whilst its in to I-Go i think but as soon as i swap cards back to original Navman it works as it did before as Navman sat nav software.

My card was only £19 from ebay and i think the tom tom one from Amazon was only around £26 if i recall correctly from the poster that 1st got me on the trail of getting mine back in May / June this year.

hope that helps


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