Sample POA (power of attorney) from UK
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Heres a POA you can use. You just need to fill in the red bits (with your details) and get it translated. Copy and paste into a Word doc.
Mines an Efes...

Mr _____________ of:
________________________________________ (USA)

Mother: Madonna Ronna. Born 5th September 1901 in Kentucky (USA).
Father: Kevin Costner. Born 13th January 1949 in ROTHERAM, Staines (UK).

“ Know all men by these presents that I HEREBY APPOINT, retain and constitute
_________________, born on 31.04.1901 in Kusadasi-Turkey (serial number of birth certificate 611772, National registration number: 3333171616), son of Hipao (father) and Hörü (mother), resident at Mugla üzeri, No.4 Bodrum, Muğla /Turkey, to act my official representative at the institutions to follow-up the operations which are described below;

Purchase any or all shares of any immovable property within the territories of the Republic of Turkey, in any province, district, sub-district province,place, resort, village, neighbourhood therein for any price upon any condition, from anyone they may deem fit and even by way of mortgage or not; to pay for the properties; to listen to and accept the absolute transfer of the property/ properties in my name declared at the Land Registry Administration Office ; to sign the relevant documents; to accept and agree with any grants or donations in my favour and in relation to the plot; to receive title-deed/s to the property/properties in joint or several names; to purchase immovable properties by signing promissory sales agreements; to fix the terms and conditions of such agreements; to register them as a charge with the Land Registry Administration and / or to release the same; to pay the taxes for the shares of the properties I purchase or I am granted; to represent me at the Finance Office, Tax Administration Office, Estate Tax Offices, Revenue Offices, and other governing authorities; to sign any statements, petitions such as estate tax declarations and statement as to increment; to pay deposits; to take back the over-paid deposits and taxes; to make objections concerning the taxes; to compromise; to represent me before the commission of appeals; furthermore to make corrections in case of misspelling of the names; to establish the type of property on the title-deed to ensure the duly registration of the property; to make commitments or give consent in any matter in relation to the purchase at the Land Registry Administration, Municipalities, Tax Offices; to apply to the relevant tax administration office to obtain my respective tax number and tax card;

To apply to the any governmental authority, Department of the Aegean Army Command, Tax Authorities, Land Registry Offices, Turkish Cadastral Offices, Councils and other official authorities to obtain the permissions which enable me to purchase immovable property within the territories of the Republic of Turkey; to represent me before the said institutions; to follow up and complete the formalities, to draw up and submit the documents required and to pay the due taxes and levies to that end; to sign the relevant documents as well; to apply to the relevant tax administration office to collect my tax number and my tax card and to sign the documents in relation to same;

To register charges in my favour over any immovable property with the Republic of Turkey which are owned by legal, private bodies or institutions; to determine the value, duration and the conditions of said charge/s; to represent me at the relevant Land Registry Office regarding these charges and to sign the documents on my behalf and to receive the charge certificate; to benefit from higher levels charge whenever possible and shift the degree of the charge; to release the said charge/s whenever he deems fit and to sign the documents regarding the release of the said charge; to realise and convert the charge into money whenever they deem necessary; to receive and keep the monies on my behalf as a result of the realisation of the charge;

To provide the property / properties I own or will own within Turkey with electricity and water utilities; to represent me and follow up and complete all the formalities at the Electricity Administration and State Water Works; to draw up and sign the documents required; to pay deposit and to take back the over-paid deposits; to sign the relevant contracts; to have the meters installed; to have them opened for use; to have the joint meters separated; to draw up and sign any or all documents to that end; to submit petitions; to make applications; to follow up the formalities at the Turkish Telecommunication Directorate regarding the reservation of the telephone line and its installation; to sign the contracts; to pay the subscription fees and to pay due monies; to have the lines installed and opened for use for automatic lines and registered under my name; to make commitments to that end;

To purchase and take over shares from any co-operative performing within the territories of the Republic of Turkey, or any district, resort, village, neighbourhood or any place therein, for any price on any condition from anyone they may deem fit; to sign the share and membership transfer agreements, to pay for the share transfer value, to follow-up all the legal proceedings on our behalf and to complete them, to set his own signature on our behalf on any document required, to carry out and complete what is necessary for foreign nationals to purchase co-operative memberships in Turkey, to take the relevant permissions, to attend the AGM or extraordinary general meetings held, to accept or reject the decisions made, to make decisions relating to the issues on the agenda; to sign the minute of the meeting and the log book, to make commitments or give letter of consents when required, to revoke them when necessary;

To represent me before the courts, tribunals, governmental authorities, offices and committees of the Republic of Turkey in the capacity of claimant, defendant or the third party due to any or all legal actions which are filed or to be filed in the future for and against me, to safeguard my rights and interests; to bring actions in the courts, to follow-up all the legal proceedings, to file any kind of declarations and petitions to the concerned authorities, to send and accept service of summons; to issue written warnings, notices and protests, to apply for cautionary judgements and attachments and to cancel them as well; to follow-up all the legal proceedings and necessary procedures before the courts, Supreme Court, Council of State and all other legal or official authorities, to ask for hearing or the correction of the decree and to apply for re-trial, to apply for recusation of judge, member judge and court staff, to file objections and complaints, to ask for the pursuance of the trial in my absence and to be present in the courts on my behalf, to waive from legal; to appoint others as well in relation to performance of any or all the above powers or to revoke the delegation of such persons whenever they deem fit”.


Signed and stamped by the Notary Public / Solicitor and APOSTILLED (Commonwealth Office).


Sample POA (power of attorney) from UK
Looks very comprehensive - do you have anything similar for granting PoA in relation to someone selling on your behalf?

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