Sally from North Wales
I have posted a few threads on this forum and realised I have not introduced myself.
Myself and my husband Alastair are looking to buy a property in Turkey, we were originally looking in Cape Verde but thought it was too expensive and under developed.
We are coming out to view a villa in the Dalaman area at the end of May and are also coming out again for 2 weeks for our summer holiday in August to Kalkan.
my main hobbie is running, I have done 8 half marathons. My husband enjoys sailing. We have 2 children ages 15 and 10.
I have found the forums really useful and helpful.


Sally from North Wales
Welcome Sally. Whereabouts from North Wales are you? We live in Wrexham. Have you been to Kalkan before? It's very pretty but a bit too steep for me I'm afraid.


Sally from North Wales
:high5: Hi Sally, welcome to the Forum, enjoy!! I hope you find somewhere nice to suit you! :high5:

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Sally from North Wales
Hi Sally,

Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to your posts and details of your viewing adventures :)


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Sally from North Wales
..hi sally from north wales and welcome to the forum.. i used to work in south wales..barry island..(butlins) a long time ago..


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Sally from North Wales

I've recently purchased an apartment in Didim.
This is a very flat area, as opposed to Bodrum , which is quite hilly.
We are within a 2 minute walk of the beach, and we have 3 in Didim.
It's ideal for kids, and I still think I am one having recently retired.
PM me if you want more info.


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