I hope i've got the name right? I've got too many tomatoes ripening all at once in the garden and would like to make salca(?) I've asked the local women and they said chop them into quarters, put in a jar for 5 days with a little salt and keep squishing them down, wait until the 5th day then put a little oil in with them and flavouring if required. Surely this way they'll go mouldy though? Has anyone tried this? Or know of any other way of preserving other than freezing as I don't have enough room in my freezer?



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Sun dried tomato is the simplest.

3Kilo will dry to fill 1 ltr jar. Then top off with olive oil (cheapest) to give you toms through the winter and flavoured oil when they are gone.

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If you put the fresh tomatoes in a jar and cover them with olive oil they'll keep for several weeks. You don't have to squash them down. Just make sure that the oil comes right to the top before putting the lid on. If there's no air in the jar it lessens the chance of mould developing.


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hi sara

chop them into quarters blend with salt and wait 1 night.the next morning boil it until it and use a collander as in this link.(sorry I give a link but the error said You are only allowed to post URLs or images you have made 15 posts or can write to google yosunbukaylaguzel seyler. blogspot. domates salçası and see the photos the tomato paste

pour your tomato paste into a fine muslin cloth.drain it (about half hour.)
take into an ovenware.sprinkle salt.bake it until drain away..when it is hot take into sterilized jars cover some olive oil and close.
i once watched some women making loads of tomato paste in Konaklı, in the garden..they had sacks of soft over ripe tomatoes from the nearby greenhouses and they sieved the tomatoes..with a huge riddle..the kids all joined in the fun. They packed the watery pulp unto sacks and suspended these from the trees for a few days until the water stopped wasnt the most hygienic sight as the sacks attracted a lot of flies.!
Afterwards they cooked the mush slowly until it thickened and added salt and put it into big jars. i had a sample but it wasnt very good. İ think i will stick to Migros!

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