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salad cream
We had this thread a short time ago and I am wondering if any of you that had my recipe for making your own salad cream had given it a try and if so any comments.
Also for the thread New Shop Opened those of you that want salad cream well I can let you have the recipe it is dead easy to make, just done a batch this morning took about 10 minutes


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salad cream
I tried it but it was far too vinegary for me so I had to add quite a bit of sugar.

Then went into town the next day and found that Tugcem Gida have 400g squeezy bottles of Heinz Salad Cream at contest really ! :lol:


salad cream
Haven't tried it yet. The weather we're having now calls for soup rather than salads.


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salad cream
Here is the recipe for salad cream. I have just made a batch which is not as good as usual but mainly due to the fact that I put in too much vinegar. I made a double batch and when I do that I know by experience that we do not like to have the vinegar doubled up just half a cup is plenty for us. What I am saying is that trial and error to get exactly what you like. Too much mustard also can be a bit over powering.

1 tablespoon each of flour, sugar, mustard.
Half a teaspoon Salt.
Half a cup of vinegar.
2 eggs

Mix mustard, sugar, flour and salt together, add eggs, then vinegar. Mix well. Stand bowl in saucepan of boiling water and stir all the time until thickened. Take off the water and allow to cool completely,then add cream until you get the consistency that you want.
Thats all there is too it.

This will keep very well in the fridge.

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