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Sagalassos Archaeological Research Project

A group of us hired a bus yesterday and went to Sağalassos which is near Burdur which, in turn, is near Isparta.

What a fabulous site it is and although only sections have been excavated so far it is worth a visit. We watched them restoring and carving new sections of marble and rebuilding some areas by puting back large marble sections with a crane.

The site above will give you an idea of what it is about. We walked around the whole site in 2.5 hours and then we went to the museum at Burdur to see some of the statues and other finds. Unfortunately the large head of Hadrian was on exhibition and will return in 3 months. The museum was small but modern and also well worth a visit.

We set off from Fethiye at 6.30 and we were there for 10am with a couple of short stops on the way, and our driver does not exceed 85km so we were not zooming along.

The site has a car park and it is 5ytl to get in, it will probably rival Ephesus when restored and hopefully we will return in later years to see the progress.

We were virtually the only people visiting the site, we saw one other family of 4.

Necessary: Good shoes, water and sin kov - bloody big flies!!!! I have never seen so many butterflies in my life either.

P.S lunch for 9 in Burdur = 46ytl (Fethiye please note)
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Hi teresa..as you say its a wonderful place and the excavations are uncovering more and more wonderful things every year. İts well worth a visit. i saw a video of when they discovered the head of Hadrian emerging from the soil ,it was breathtaking, a massive piece of beautiful sculpture coming to light. İ cant help but wonder why they built such a vast city in that particular spot.

There again Termessos in the mountains above Antalya is another breathtaking city and even older that Sagalassos..it was mentioned in Homers İliad. This place has been deliberately left unexcavated but is another place well worth the journey ..although you might need your oxygen masks the altitude is so high.

Yet another place , and to me as interesting as Ephesus is Perge near Antalya. At the moment its closed for restorations and further excavations. The city is a mix of Greek and Roman and has the largest stadium in Asia,. this too is about to undergo some restorative work.The system of the roman bathhouse in Perge is particularly well preserved.
there we are Teresa ive sorted your next trips out for you..as Perge..when its opened to the public again..is just as easy for you to get to as Sagalossos.

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