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sütlü, şekersiz - with milk, no sugar
Now this is a phrase you can easily use when somebody ask you if you want coffee or tea, and it will make a good impression

- sütlü : with milk
- sütsüz : without milk
- şekerli : with sugar
- şekersiz : without sugar
(in şeker, the emphasis should be on the last part of the word : şeker)

The suffix li is easy to use and means with
it follows the 4-fold vowel harmony , so it can be li, lı, lü or lu
siz means without and follows the same 4-vowel harmony

4-fold vowel harmony means :

- i comes after i or e
- ı comes after ı or a
- ü comes after ü or ö
- u comes after u or o

some examples :

- süt-lü, süt-süz
- banyo-lu, banyo-suz (with / without bath)
- şeker-siz , şeker-li
- et-li (with meat), like in etli sos : a sauce with (some) meat
- sos-lu : with sauce
- can-lı (with "soul", and it means live, like in canlı müzik, live music)
- kablo-suz (wireless !), for instance for PC....
- kurşun-suz (leadfree, like for gasoline)

It is a suffix that is widely used, it is nice to look at all kind of signs and recognize it, sometimes it is used in a way you would not think of , like :
- dört oda-lı bir ev : a house with four rooms (oda = room)
- mavi-li bir halı : a carpet with blue in it (mavi = blue, halı= carpet)

It is a nice exercise to think of all kind of examples....

PS :
there is also the suffix le or la, (2-fold vowel harmony), meaning "by"
bisikletle : by bicycle
trenle : by train

bana bir şekersiz, sütlü kahve lüften....... (that's the way I drink it)

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