Robert Ballard and Nautilus
Surprised that nothing has been mentioned on here about their recent appearance in Yalikavak (unless I missed the posts)

We were out on our boat last month when Nautilus arrived in the bay, but did not realise exactly who it was at that time.
Said to my wife that the boat had and RVO on the back just like the one seen on Nat Geographic channel.( well obviously I now know that it was the same one)

It was only today when reading in the Bodrum Bulletin that I found out what has been happenning. Interesting stuff.
Bodrum Bulletin Issue #019 - 10th September 2009

Follow the links from the BB no.19

Oh, I find BB very usefull, suggest that you all subscribe, I am doing so. Not conected to BB just a happy reader (especially today)

Would be interested to hear if they are still around, I guess that they will be gone before my next visit in three weeks time (if not already departed to next adventure)


Robert Ballard and Nautilus
Pitty, never mind. I hope that they will be back again.
Looks like they found what might be the oldest wreck ever discovered in Aegean, hopefully that will be on National Geographic channel soon.
I think that this was nearer to Bodrum though.

They also had two hits that they just referred to as Yalikavak 1 and Yalikavak 2. I hope that they are on the program too.

Also a pitty that their presence was not made known earlier, apparently they were willing to give free tours around Nautilus. I, for one, would have been first in the queue.

Yalikavak area is a restriced zones for scuba diving due to being of special archaeological interest. (also it is a bit too deep for standard Scuba gear) The Turkish authorites have to date not had the time or resources to properly conduct an underwater archaeolgical survey of the area. It is great that Robert Ballard's team have been working in conjunction with the authorities to be allowed to do so.

This area has a great history, any new information that he discovers will be very interesting (well to me any way)

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Robert Ballard and Nautilus
Me too Mike, we've had many happy years around boats/yachts. Spent 11 years in the Canary Islands, also with friends on their Yacht we've done a few trips around the Spanish Coastline from Alicante, had many hours of great fun and scary moments too. I think that was one of the reasons we also fell in love with Yalikavak, I know in comparison it is a small Marina, but just love to boat watch, and love to go into the boatyards and the feel of the activity is just so good, and when all the hard work is done watching her being lifted back into the water. Ah well, let's hope Nautilus is still around when we go out to Yalikavak in two weeks time. I'll be cheeky enough to ask for a look around her.



Robert Ballard and Nautilus
Wikipedia; [ame="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Ballard"]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Ballard[/ame]
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Robert Ballard and Nautilus

Here in Tbilisi and watching Nat Geo channel and the first program was on tonight.

It was about the wrecked Allied ships in Gallipoli.

http://channel.nationalgeographic.c... the ones filmed around Bodrum and Yalikavak.

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