Road Tax
You have to pay this month anyway - the first half of the year or the full year, so you will find if there is any outstanding tax from last year.


Road Tax
it depends on the engine, manufacturing year, etc.
if you have interactive banking, you can find it there.
however, the easiest way is to ask a tax office by simply saying the plate.
Road Tax
The owner will have the receipts to show payment. Bear in mind that many people pay twice a year.

In one of the columns there will be a printed number one or two. The numbes relate to the first or second period.

The road tax debt does, or did not, show as a debt until the payment is 3 mnths over due.


in my own clique
Road Tax
..doing mines tomorrow..around 340 TL i think ..not to worry another 6 month out the way:37:


Road Tax
Road / Viechle Tax can can be checked and payed online .

http s://

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Road Tax
hi everyone,

in the uk if you have a car or motorbike thats so many years old its tax exempt but still have to have mot does this apply to vehicles in turkey?

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