Rixos 7-Star Premium Hotel opened in Antalya....
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan opened Turkey's newest seven-star Hotel Rixos Premium built in the resort town of Belek in Antalya.

At the opening ceremony, Erdogan signaled that he would give importance to investments in tourism during the next period and showed a special interest in developing historical places such as Hasankeyf into tourism centers.

Rixos Hotel's CEO Fettah Tamince said that in order to fill a gap in the market, they developed the hotel to present up market tourists with the highest quality amenities and service that they expect. The hotel, which was built with the investment of $130-million, is expected to start making profits within the next five years. The hotel has hosted about 2,500 guests arriving by 50 private airplanes prior to the official opening Tamince said: "We have established a mini city here. Here is a very special town with 1,500 residents. Everywhere around the world there are facilities similar to this; however, what is important for us is the concept of management. You only pay at the entrance here and then you are not charged again. It does not matter how rich you are; you still feel stress before receiving the total bill at the end of your holiday." Wealthier tourists can also meet their shopping needs at the Belek Premium Shopping Center. The shopping center located in the hotel includes 48 world brand name stores, such as DKNY, Escada, and Lacoste. There are also two villas in the hotel complex.

The price for per night in one of the villas is $5,000. Guests coming to stay in the hotel arriving by private plane will be transferred by limousines or helicopters to and from the airport.

A "French Street" was created in the hotel complex and guests will also be able to experience artificial rain fall. Tamince emphasized that certain precautions should be taken against rapid growth in tourism sector. He informed that a growth of 25-30 percent occurs each year; however, there might be problems in supplying a qualified labor force to meet the requirements led by this growth.

Criticizing several regions that are not opened to tourism in Turkey, Tamince revealed that he has received calls from many country ambassadors asking him to make investments in their countries. Although the increasing number of tourists visiting Turkey each year is a satisfactory development, there are still complaints that wealthier tourists do not come to Turkey.

Tamince explains the reason: "If you want rich tourists to come to Turkey, you have to present them with the facilities and quality service at the level they expect and that will appeal them."


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Rixos 7-Star Premium Hotel opened in Antalya....
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Rixos 7-Star Premium Hotel opened in Antalya....
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