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Retiring to Fethiye
Thanks Frank ,I have tried FB and emailed but no response. I have also tried Abels who are recommended on this forum but no reply from them either. Has anyone moved to Turkey from Ireland , North or South used a removal company that they can recommend ?
Hi Gumball, trgb are posting on their Facebook page that they are starting up again on 1st of June if it's any use to you.

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Retiring to Fethiye
Having lived here for at least 15 years and now back in the UK, coming out from time to time to my house here, I wouldn't own a property here if I were starting again. In my later years I feel the need to be based in the UK where I can look after myself independently as long as possible and where I understand how to get things done. In addition if I pop my clogs before I've sold my house here it will be an enormous and expensive problem for my daughter in England to deal with. Similarly if you are a couple and one of you dies the remaining partner will find it much easier if there is no property here to deal with. Research Wills, you are not guaranteed to inherit the whole of the property as you might in the UK.

Also, if I were starting again, I wouldn't bring my furniture. It's a costly exercise and the bureaucracy was very unpleasant and stressful. I brought my furniture and now that I'm going back to the UK I shall be throwing it away along with all kinds of possessions. Instead, I could have enjoyed new furniture here and I really didn't need all those possessions that I brought!

A benefit of not tying up capital here is that I can rent somewhere for a few months without any concerns about maintenance or security. It will give me more flexibility about where I go for my holidays because I will not be tied to any particular area, nor country for that matter.


Retiring to Fethiye
Over the years the change from foreigners owning to renting in Fethiye area has been quite dramatic certainly reflected thesedays in the over inflated rent prices in certain parts of the town


Retiring to Fethiye
Good Afternoon. Hope you’re all well. We’re looking at retiring out there in the next few years. And was hoping someone would be able to help with a few questions. With regards to living cost, utility bills, house purchasing cost. Any help would be great. TIA

We bought in 08 and we are trying very hard to move out to our villa near Seric in the Antalya region. We managed to be out for about five months last year but this year Covid has prevented that. We hope to be here 8 months of the year most years, if not more.

We have a 4 bed villa with a shared pool. We paid 120K for it which is pretty much what its worth today

When buying property, the key is to get a good English-speaking solicitor involved who can ensure the process is without problems and stress and I wouldn't skimp on this part as it will likely cost you more in the long run. We made the mistake of not doing it this way and instead relying on the property developer (A UK based company) and we got screwed over on several issues which are still costing us 12 years later (mainly to do with land share on the common parts and building on parts we had it in writing, they wouldn't build on)

I don't think this should be a shock to someone buying in a foreign country.

The next issue is site management if your buying in a block or on a managed site. Check with as many other owners as possible to ensure the site fees and site management is OK. Be aware that someone will ALWAYS moan about something, but is it generally sound.

Check out the site management fees. Ours are pretty expensive at 70tlm2 but frankly, they should be a lot higher having seen how much the site costs to run.

Cost of living over in Turkey is considerably cheaper than the UK in all areas except buying a car, which is a nightmare. We just got a Skoda Kodiaq in the UK which would normally be £38,000, and the same car new in Turkey is about £100,000. And no, that's not a typo.

Petrol used to be expensive but due to the exchange rate, its now cheap compared to the UK

Water is incredibly cheap in our area, electricity is more than affordable but only once you get used to the weather and stop hitting it hard with Air Con.

Food is cheap if you shop around and use the markets.

We keep some money in Turkey but have the rest in the UK in Sterling and transfer it as required.

You need a good Turkish-speaking person to help you get set up with residency permits, insurance, bank accounts, and the rest. This is HARD work if you cant speak the language. You also need a heads up on stuff like you must carry a certified copy of your passport (or the original) and a driver's license at all times when driving around. If not and you get pulled over, its a on the spot fine. Silly things like that and stuff like how to pay for council tax, need sorting out.

As for stuff in the event of your death? You need a Turkish will

We have had people die and leave their property to the family on our site and it's not been much of a drama, as long as a Turkish will was in place.

Shipping stuff over is well worth it if you have enough stuff to fill a container that is worth a lot but not on Ebay. If not, then not so much. We have brought small stuff over in dribs and drabs. Things we struggle to get like a decent set of cooks knives, chopsticks, a rice cooker. Silly things we have struggled to find out here. We were planning on a container but changed our minds when we ended up using most of our furniture in our new UK flat.

We decided to keep a nice UK base so we could return for 8 weeks in the summer to see everyone and for Christmas for the family. My wife also works in London occasionally so it would be a base for her to work from and a bolt hole for the kids in an emergency.

A: we could afford it, and B we feel living in Turkey does have an element of risk that could force us to return to the UK so it's a good insurance policy.

There may come a point when we either just sell it and live out our lives just in Turkey or we decide we have to return to the UK to be with grandchildren during the key years. We just don't know so we are keeping options open.

One thing is for sure. After the winter and spring of 2020 21 and the god awful weather firing us to spend so much time coupled up indoors. I know which country I'd much prefer to spend my time in moving forwards

Good luck with the move or what ever you decide.
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