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Restaurants in Kusadasi
Can anyone advise where around Kusadasi is good to eat, and not too expensive. I've heard of somewhere that is like a bakery inside and does food like bread, soup, etc, it is something to do with the government? I would like to know where it is if anyone can help.



Restaurants in Kusadasi
Don't know about a place that's like a bakery? But for cheap delicious Turkish food try these :

Alo 24
Lezzet evi
Antepli (slightly more expensive, around 11 - 15 ytl for a main course)

All these do the usual Turkish soups, pide, kebabs, casseroles and vegetable dishes at very reasonable prices.
My favourite is Yemekci. They do home made Manti (mini turkish ravioli) it's a family run place, very cheap and in the town centre, just a few doors down from the WOM dvd shop.

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Restaurants in Kusadasi
The two best restaurants for kebabs and pide are Esenay (in the same street as the Court House (opposite side)....and 06 Ornek which is facing the Akbank/Garanti Banks that are across the road from the Belediye. Both great value and delicious food.


Restaurants in Kusadasi
A really nice place Ekizthe front looks like a bakery shop when you go into the back its quite flash looking food is good they have local food ,pide,grill,soup, pizza`s and lots more.
We have been a few times never been disappointed.
24 hour opening.To give an idea of prices Lahmacun 2.5 lira Pizza from 6 to 10 lira.Pide 5 to 8 lira,Chicken shish 10 lira..
and to finish cakes ect from the shop.
The restaurant is up from McDonald `s before you get to ache its on the left
Sağlık Caddesı No.16(Emre Optık Yanı)

Well worth a visit :)


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Restaurants in Kusadasi
.. i love turkish food ..but also like my treat now and again .for english food ..so i tend to stick to the yabanci hangouts here ....gossips,great for quiz,s and bingo and traditional english food , rainbow cafe the same ,kents restaurant ..a good english breakfast or fish and chips ..8TL and the dejazaar ..wine bar ..loads of english and turkish food really depends what your looking for...:28:

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