Resort ?
Hi everyone, we have just been watching a holiday programme on sky tv all about turkey, one resort somewhere in turgutreis looked really beautiful it was called Kalkade, has anyone ever been to this resort, if so where abouts is it ?
Resort ?
Hi Gino/Denise ive never heard of a place called Kalkade but there is a really stunning little town called Kalkan...Turgutreis is a small place on the Bodrum Peninsula ,whereas Kalkan is between Fethiye and Kas.
there are so many wonderful locations in Turkey you are spoilt for choice but its a lovely finding them out when you have the time.


Resort ?
Hello Gino / Denise
There is a nice area called Kadekalesi a few km north of Turgutreis on the way to Gümüşlük.
But I have to agree with Shirley- there are many, very nice areas!


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Resort ?
Its most likely Club Kadekali [kade's castle] [oops, its renamed Kadikale Resort apols]

Its an all inclusive resort of the top secret type ie no locals allowed in, it is a lovely area.
Also look to, in the same area ish

Yelken resort
La Blanche
Gardens of Babylon
Aegean Dream

All worth a view
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