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Residents Assoc Banking and Bill Automation
This is my first posting on TLF so hopefully I have done this correctly.

I have scoured this forum in the hope of finding what I’m looking for but cannot find definitive answers.

Basically we have taken over the management of our complex. We only have 12 apartments and we are all British so no problems that way. 10 of us are based in UK and 2 in Didim.

We have set up a residents association and have someone taking care of the general cleaning and maintenance meantime but what I would like to do is open a bank account in Didim and automate our communal bills.

So what I would like to know is;

Has anyone else successfully opened an account in an association’s name? I have discussed this with the HSBC and they have given me a list of all that’s required.

Also, can our utility bills be transferred into our association’s name? I have been told that they can only be in a persons name and if this is the case it would be pointless setting up the bank account in the first place.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Residents Assoc Banking and Bill Automation
Hi Derek and Lynne
I didnt get to welcome you when you first introduced yourselves, so a welcome from me now!
I hope you can get answers from some HOA people here, but I think companies can get utuilities in their name ( not just a single person) , I dont know your group's needs though.
Good luck

Derek and Lynne

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Residents Assoc Banking and Bill Automation
Thanks for your reply Chris and for your welcome

We have set up our residents association in the UK and have a constitution in place along with a resident’s agreement.

I spoke to the guy at HSBC a couple of weeks ago when I was opening my own bank account and he has advised me what documentation I need to get a residents association bank account opened. There is a wee bit of work involved but it will be worth it if I can automate the utilities.

The main purpose of the bank account is to set up direct debits to cover the water and electric bills. Our apartments are split into 2 blocks and we have a meter in each and also one meter for the communal water. These 3 utilities are currently in 3 different people’s names and will need to be changed into our association’s name. I have been told it’s relatively easy to change these into someone else’s name (just need tapu and passport) but I just wondered how I would go about changing these into our resident’s association name.

I hope that makes sense, I’m starting to confuse myself!!!


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