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residence permit
You wont be-leave this.

we have been spending our summers here for 5 years.

My brother is mentaly disabled.

The police has refused him a new visa, cos he has no income.
I am his carer and all his benifits are paid to me.

i have showed them evidence that his pension and benifits are paid to me, but
NO they are sending us back to the U.K. and will not be allowed entry
for 3 months.

i cant stop crying
residence permit
omg Anne..I am so sorry for all that you have been/are going through,,I wish that there was something i could do or advice i could give to help you,,,,i am sure someone with more knowledge will come along to hopefully give you some good advice/help,,,,,


residence permit
Anne, poor you that is just dreadful. Technically your brother does have an income from his benefits and you are his legal guardian? or such. The British counsul or embassy certainlyn should be able to advise esp since you have both entered and left during the 5 years previous. Depending what your own circumstances are you should be able to get a Certificate of Income (Benefits) for your brother that is paid to you and that might suffice. You should also find out from the Turkish Embassy in London, why you were suddenly reviewed.


residence permit
Hello Anne.
You could try Claire at their office is opp dolphin square near sonia's restaurant.They may be able to help as she deals with helping people who are having trouble with residency problems etc.
It might be worth giving it a try.
It doesn't seem right or fair what is happening to you both.
Good luck.
residence permit
thats a disgrace disgusted that the Turkish Emniyet can do this to you...and on top of the fraud you have already suffered.
İ hope you can get some help to reverse this decision..dont cry get angry and make some waves..
surely some of the uk papers would be interested in your story as well as the Turkish ones

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