rescuing monkeys from Turkey
I am currently in the process of rescuing two monkeys from Turkey, I have found a sanctuary willig to take them here in Wales,
I have been informed that before i do anything else i need to get CITES application forms ( or the Turkish equivilent ) ,

Please can anyone help here, ?


rescuing monkeys from Turkey
I am very pleased that you are trying to do this for the monkeys.
How about contacting monkeyworld in the uk, i know they do have a website with contact details. I am sure they would be willing to help as they travel the world to rescue monkeys.
Good luck and please keep us informed of your progress.


rescuing monkeys from Turkey
There's a programme on National Geographic Wild called Monkey Business about a married who rescue monkeys from around the world. They've been to Turkey at least once to rescue some of these poor creatures. Maybe you could contact them. Are they the same people as Monkey World?

I've visited Izmir Zoo and I was so sad to see the conditions the animals live in and the state of the animals themselves. They need rescued! :mad:



rescuing monkeys from Turkey
Hi Neesan

We have a vervet monkey which we have taken on from a Turkish man (we are his 3rd owners and he is only 2 year old). I looked for a sanctuary here in Turkey for him but nothing came to light. I have contacted lots of places including monkey world about the care of this monkey and out of the six places I contacted only one replied and the reply was just websites of monkey sanctuarys which I had found, it was advice on his feeding habits I wanted!

I hate to think of our little monkey spending the rest of his life on his own as he should be swinging in the trees with a troup of about 30 but we took him in as we thought it would be his best chance.

The monkeys will definitely have to go into quarantine for 6 months if you are taking them from here and it will be very costly. I wish you luck and hope you manage to get them back. Maybe you should contact DEFRA and ask them what is needed they were very helpful with us when we were bringing our dog over here to live.

By the way, what type of monkey are they?
rescuing monkeys from Turkey
Neesan, and some others myself included have already tried Monkey World in Dorset, but unfortunatley they cannot help, but there is a place in Wales willing to take them but a certain amount of admin has to be sorted, and money raised before this can happen, so this is why Neesan needs the CITES form,



rescuing monkeys from Turkey
mavi said:
Gail, you are not thinking of adopting more are you??

No no no we have another pup coming next week and that is us full up then. We have converted a balcony into a cage and a bathroom into a doggy bedroom, I'll be peeing in a bucket and sunbathing on the road if I carry on.

I have to say I would love a mate for our little monkey but in reality it's not going to happen, him and the little monster get on great if the monkey is in the cage but not when he's on the balcony as he can't resist taking swipes at my little baby :lol: :lol:

Sharon what type of monkey are they and where are they living now?

Maybe this will help but I'm not sure:

Good luck ladies I really hope you manage to get them back to Wales.
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