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Renting a Scooter
l promised my friend l'll find out how much the scooters are for rent,while he is still back in England.He needs the scooter for a two week period at the end of June during his stay in Akbuk.

Can anyone give me the prices for a decent size scooter for renting at that time of month.
Also are their any good scooters for sale,with an engine size of around the 125cc mark.


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Renting a Scooter
Last year's price was around £7 - £8 per day for scooter hire.

Interesting to see how this year compares.

mike dj

Renting a Scooter
Dont forget to tell your friend he needs to let his insurance know that he intends to rent as he will not be covered if he is involved in an accident ,its happened to many people on holiday and hospital treatment will have to be payed for . Mike


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Renting a Scooter
Scooter rentals don't come with insurance nor can you even buy it from the place you rent from. Huge risk.

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