Renewing visa early?
I came into Turkey on the 10th May intending to go home after four weeks but I'm now staying till mid September. This is my first extended stay so I have not had to renew my tourist visa before.

My visa will run out on 7th August, I would rather not go to Kos on my own (wimp I know) friends are going in July can I go to Kos then and renew mine or is it too soon?


Renewing visa early?
That shouldnt be a problem ours was valid when we came last week till the
16th of June but we bought a new one cause we dont leave till the 17th


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Renewing visa early?
You can renew it as early as you like but you don't get any unused days from the old one added to it.

They're always happy to take your tenner off of you no matter how many days you've still got left to run on a visa.
Renewing visa early?
So do I need to say anything or do I just stick my tenner in my passport even though I wouldn't really have needed to?
Renewing visa early?
Thank you, I was worried about spending the money on going to Kos and not getting a visa because it was too soon.

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