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renewal of visa
i have had 3 x 6 month tourist visas whilst staying in turkey ! in that time i have married a turkish citizen . can anyone tell me will i be granted another 6 month visa or will i need to go for a 1 or 2 year visa .. and if so how much roughly as my visa expires august ! when we went to aydin to renew my visa feb the policeman said he wouldnt grant me another 6 month visa .... ??maybe because i wasnt married then ? who knows ?

appreciate all help !

thanks fee


renewal of visa
Hello Fiona and
welcome to the forum, though your two posts seem to be on the unhappy side.
Your info seems to be a bit confused,
if you have been on tourist visas, then they are only for three months?
So have you had 6 lots of 3 months ?(therefore lots so of stamps in the passport?)

Anyway- now that you are married officially, you apply for RESIDENCY = IKAMET, and you will show proof of your marriage, your husbands and your registration details at your place of residence, and so on. You refer to Aydin, so that may be the office or Ku┼čadasi - there are several threads to look at for info. ( look right down on bottom of this page)
It is the easiest residency to get so just get on with it. You need it for three years of married life before you can get citizenship as a spouse.
Good luck
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