remote server set up; geek needed
Need a recommendation for a computer wizz who can teach me the basics of server management - setting up a VPN, managing users. Also using a remote server for web hosting and configuring the mail server. Also for setting up secure digital downloads in response to strings passed on by credit card agents ... and some other stuff i can't even explain yet ...



remote server set up; geek needed
Try Martyn he is your man.!!!!!
He is wizz on computers.

Hugs Maggie xx


remote server set up; geek needed
Thats an awful lot to learn in one go Neil but depending on the application and project requirements, this system could be setup relatively easily. I have setup many remote and satellite office systems and if you PM me the project brief Ill try and give you some pointers but if you have little knowledge I would bank on needing a pro close by till you are fully up to speed, especially when it comes to network payments and data security.

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