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The following reminds me of why I hate religion so much.

PIL Religion.

Stained glass windows keep the cold outside
While the hypocrites hide inside
With the lies of statues in their minds
Where the Christian religion made them blind
Where they hide
And prey to the God of a bitch spelled backwards is dog
Not for one race, one creed, one world
But for money
This is religion
There's a liar on the altar
The sermon never falter
This is religion
Do you pray to the Holy Ghost when you suck your host
Do you read who's dead in the Irish Post
Do you give away the cash you can't afford
On bended knees and pray to lord
Fat pig priest
Sanctimonious smiles
He takes the money
You take the lies
This is religion
A liar on the altar
Sermon never falter
This is religion




Postless Pointer
Forty years of angst , as fresh and thought provoking as the day it was recorded .

Big up for Malc and the boys .



I'm not keen on religion either. It's caused too much trouble and wars for centuries. I do admire the wonderful buildings and religious music though.

Freedom 49

No fun if it's too easy!
Never having had any religion, it's something I don't want, don't need, and have never felt that I've missed out on anything.
However, there's been many times over the years when I've been into various churches and temples for weddings, christenings, school events that my daughter was involved in or just a visit in different countries around the world to marvel at the architecture, stained glass windows, statues and such.

Christmas 1970, I was in a very tiny Catholic Church in Bethlehem, not much bigger than a large barn, no grandure and actually quite moving.

The following year, March 1971, I attended a service in St. Mark's in Venice. Unbelievably grand in every way but I came out as high as a kite because I'd been seated vitrually next to the young priest that was waving one of the insence things about.

Many times I've been around the churches in The Open Museum at Göreme in Cappadocia which I find totally amazing and up to Sumela Monastery some 50kms or so east of Trabzon where the artwork is just mind-blowing.

The Temple at Luxor, out of all the temples and tombs I've visited around Egypt, is the one that always, without fail, leaves the hairs on my arms standing on end. Why? No idea, maybe just something in the air.

Last year during my annual trip over to Kathmandu, I took time out to visit Namobbuddah, one of the 3 holiest Tibetan pilgrimage sites just South of The Himalayas but, having been told of the millions of euros provided by The European Union for one of the newer monasteries there, it definately changed the way I'd thought about the Buddhist Monks.
I'd grown accustomed from my previous visits to Nepal to seeing them around the country in their red robes amongst regular Nepalis.
To see them living the life of luxury whilst not many miles away down the vallies, farming families found it very difficult, sometimes impossible to source the cash needed to educate their children, really grated on me.

I never really get involved in Political or Religious debate. I'm one of those that feels that each of us has a right to our own beliefs, and equally, those beliefs should be respected, no matter how different they might be to our own.

"Imagine all the people, etc, etc, etc."
I was on my way home from Probe records in Liverpool with a copy of PiL's metal box. Must have been 14.

Some bigger lads decided to mug me. But when they saw Metal Box they patted me on the back and said 'yer alright mate.'


The Carnwath Massive
Still got my metal box, god knows where ! But as I don’t believe I Can’t ask him



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