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Reishan Apartment
I'm going to be booking the Reishan Apartments in a few weeks, can anyone tell me where they are located, within walking distance of Bar Street?
Has anyone stayed thre before?
Lou x

Janet Morris

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Reishan Apartment

I think they are located on the road that goes past the Marina opposite the Sabuci Gardens. Some friends of ours stayed there a couple of times and said the owners were very friendly.



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Reishan Apartment
It is close to the marina entrance, beside Tansas, easy sgroll into town, no views but a very convenient position, large pool and cafe bar close across a quiet road, we found it a bit mad in a good way, we enjoyed our stay and would return there without any probs.


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Reishan Apartment
Hi they are opposite the marina near Tansas, not quite as far as Sabanci park, it takes about 10/15 minutes to walk to bar street, I stayed there years ago and it was very nice then, clean and friendly.


Reishan Apartment
Hi Lou

We stayed there a few years ago when we were house hunting. Its really pleasant and the accommodation was spacious. It had a bit of a refurb a couple of years ago (internal).

Hope you like it

Reishan Apartment
hi there,
we live in akbuk,but had a few days break in april and stayed there.we would go again .it was clean and comfortable friendly service and very convient for the town hope you enjoy as we did.
lol and mandy

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