Registering Rental Guests
a hypothetical question

if I owned an apartment and rented it out would there be a need for the guests to register their details (eg passport etc) and to whom would those details be sent

If I used a rental management company would they be able to do it for me?

If I employed a local property management company would they be able to do it for me? (and should they be advising me on the need to register guests and take copies of their passports?)


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Registering Rental Guests
who is actually liable, the owner or the rental co. more to the point what is the point ? I travel fairly extensively and apart from imigration and giving hand prints and retinal mapping or what ever you call it in the US. I havent been asked for my passport for over 15 years or more in any non eu country.



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Registering Rental Guests
In short there is no need. I think hotels do it more for their own security so that you don't run off without paying the bills.

For private lettings you should keep note of all rental transactions for your tax return :)

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