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Rainbow Soo.
Hi folks,
Like me you might have missed Soo the last couple of days..
I have received a message from Soo via a friend who tells me that she has been kept in hospital for a couple of days, ( she went for Chemo on Thursday) she has a high fever and in Soo's words is poorly..
( That could be considered putting it mildly, but you know Soo.) and in her usual style, other than that is Dandy..
Anyone who knows Soo will also know that like one or two other members here in our TLF family she is a cancer victim, and is fighting hard against it... she is one very brave lady who makes light of her predicament and still finds the energy to work silly hours... how she does it i don't know.

I'm sure that like me you might all want to take the opportunity to use this thread to send Soo your best wishes and words of encouragement...

Thinking of you Soo...and sending positive vibes... keep up the fight girl, you're an inspiration to us all.. i hope to see you back on your feet soon.

Take care and get plenty of rest.

Lots of group hugs..:grouphug::grouphug:


Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
Rainbow Soo.
Thanks Alan, Yes let's hope that Soo gets through this set back, my thoughts are with you Soo, always read your posts and you are so positive and your humour shines through. My thoughts and best of wishes are with you.

x x x
Rainbow Soo.
Sorry to hear you have had a set back Soo, hope you feel much better soon, adding my best wishes and positive vibes to those already on their way to you ((((((((x))))))))


Nadine in disguise
Rainbow Soo.
I'm so sorry to hear this Soo, I was already worried because you weren't on facebook for some days
I hope you are well treated at the hospital and that you will soon recover ... you just must keep the spirit girl !

Big hugs from Belgium


Recycled Teenager
Rainbow Soo.
So sorry to hear you are poorly Soo, I do not know you, only from what I have read, and admire you courage and spirit, I hope you are soon feeling a lot better. Best wishes, Diane.


Rainbow Soo.
Hello Soo

Sorry to hear you are not well. Take care of yourself, rest and it wont be long
before you are over this set back.



Rainbow Soo.
Sending best wishes and hoping that you feel better soon.

We'll pop in and see you at the "Terace" next time we are down your neck of the woods.



Rainbow Soo.
Soo, you are in my thoughts and prayers. have been wondering how u were doing. hang in there. keep positive. feel the good energy around you.

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