Race for Life
What a great place to share this.

I did the 'race for life' last Sunday. It was an amazing experience - 4,000 women and girls just doing that one event, and it was reckoned to raise about £250k. Many of us wore signs on our backs to say who we were dedicating it to.

Both my parents had cancer - unfortunately it took my dad, but my mum recovered from it.

So far I have raised £123, but we are having a cake sale at work next Monday, so hopefully there will be a bit more to come.

(By the way, I'm not after money, I just wanted to share the positive experience).


Race for Life
Well done you and what a fantastic experience. A few of my friends have done it for the last couple of years and I always sponsor them. I would have done it myself this year except I'm 7 months pregnant and it might have been a bit too much! I hope to do it next year though.


Race for Life
well done firebrand. i think its awesome when we do stuff like this.,

my sister had signed up for a half marathon walk in San Francisco - it is a huge event, teams from all over the country participate, something about a lottery system to participate in., anyway, she had signed up last fall and was just fiddle farting around with the training of it. the marathon is 26. something the half is like 13-14 miles. you need to do some actual training for it..........she has stepped up her efforts threble since i got my diagnosis, and is quite pumped. Oh yeah, and she is doing it for me.......I told her she should just do it for HER......its a great excuse to get into good physical shape. which she is anyway.....

so anything to raise awarness, funds for research etc etc etc..... we are all for it.

thanks for playing your part in it (AND I GUESS PAYING IT FORWARD)

(mind you in my best days, i never would have done a walk or anything.........i would have taken the easy way out and just given the money)......
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Race for Life
My sister did one the other week and I think she raised £3000 for Breast cancer research. She just had to have a masectomy and and wants to do more to help others..
Good luck to anyone else raising cash for good causes..
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