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l went to the Friday market as normal and decided for the first time to buy a few kilo's of Turkish pears.
These turned out to be quinces when l examined them more closely when l arrived back home.
What do l do with a load of quinces.Are there any tasty recipe's l can try out,or a maybe a quince smoothy drink.Maybe there's a way of pickling the quinces.l really am totally ignorant on what to do with these.
Any suggestions please


I'd be interested to learn any tips on how to cook these as I've got a couple of quince trees in my garden.... apparently you put the pips into a muslin cloth and in cooking pot as the pips release natural pectin during cooking process.


I love quince jam. I have to be honest though, I haven't ever tried to make it. My MİL does that for me. I had never eaten quince until I came to Turkey. I had to look up the Turkish word to find out what it was in English!

Enjoy them!



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I use them instead of cooking apples to make crumbles, they need to be either pre-cooked a little or cooked a bit longer in the crumble. I also used them to make my sweet mincemeat at Christmas, again instead of cooking apples.


when we were kids, there was a quince tree in our schoolyard, and believe it or not, we would climb up and pick them and eat them as you would an apple...course we all had puckers for the afternoon...he heheh

in turkey they make jam or compote with it
My Turkısh frıends get them and gıve them a good bashıng whıch seems to make them nıce and juıcy for eatıng and also they dont seem to taste so sour.............

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