Queen’s Apartments
HI Adamd, I have bought of this builder and i can tell you it has not been a pleasant experience. He cannot be trusted he lies and he threatens people and the quality of the build is poor, he started these over 2 years ago and they are still not finished. They were advertised off plan but the building work stopped until recently because no one had bought ,so there was no money to finish them. Look on the ALtinkum forum under Kings Villas and you will see the comments from the owners there.


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Queen’s Apartments
I have just read this on voices websiteVoices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Queens come in threes!

There are a few negative responses to this article. I must say I am thinking about this offer but i can't find a website for this complex.

Can anyone give me some background info on the builders and a website for them.

if you are seriously considering this so called offer.Then l suggest you look into it a little further before you hand over a penny.
Please read my thread on Buy 1 get two free.You will have an idea what you will get yourself into.
Here is the link
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