PVC Cladding on "Kumkent" Akbuk.
Forgive me if this has already been mentioned.
We have bought a house on the "Kumkent" complex in Akbuk. Is there any other members got a house on there?
We have noticed that many houses on the complex have had a White PVC Cladding fitted to the outside of their homes to improve their appearance.
Is there anybody in Altinkum or Akbuk who does this?
Mel and Anne. (Beachhhhhhh)
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PVC Cladding on "Kumkent" Akbuk.
Certainly in Altinkum, the house across the road from me was done last year,unfortunately they only use the property in the Turkish holidays so I can't ask them who did it


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PVC Cladding on "Kumkent" Akbuk.
Pakpen are one of the bıg companıes that do thıs, couldnt gıve a recommend for their double -glazing fıtters though as I had to threaten to throw them off the balcony to get the qaulıty of fıttıng I desired.

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