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Puppy for adoption
Hello all, I'm planning on going back to the UK soon and unfortunatley cannot afford to take my dog with me. His name is Gypsey he is a beautiful, loveable, spoilt, human like little doggy who is as good as gold. I am desperate that he goes to a loving family who will treat him with the same affection as i have. I would also love to be able to stay in contact. This kills me to do so but i'm in no other position. If anybody is interested please let me know. Thank you.


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Puppy for adoption
Good luck with your search. Perhaps a photo or two might help find him a home.


Puppy for adoption
If he is a Puppy then why oh why did you get him if you were planning to go back to UK ?? - not really fair on the dog !
Good luck with re homing him anyway


Puppy for adoption
Good post Sue, I obviously don't know the in's and out's. buy WHY get a puppy (or kitten in another thread) unless you plan to keep it for life?

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Puppy for adoption
I am saddened by these posts for a cry of help for animals that soon are no longer to have an owner. I very much sympathise with these people as each of the reasons are their own personal business, and it is very costly to arrange for their quarantine, but these poor animals won't understand that the loving person/home to which they belonged are no longer going to be theirs. As the slogan will be spread across our screens yet again very soon " A dog or a cat is for life not just for Christmas", sadly it happens here, when the novelty of the christmas season wears off, and they have to care for their animal for good/bad weather, etc; etc. The RSPCA will be again overcrowded.


Puppy for adoption
thats exactly why ı asked... You must have known you maybe goıng back when you got hım, eıther that or your ımpulsıve. I want a dog so ım goıng to get one. I want to move back to the uk so ı will book my flıght today. Maybe ın future you should thınk before you leap !!!!!

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