Puppies need a good home
OK I know it is a long shot but I have to try!

I have been feeding a lovely street dog for a while now and she has recently given birth to 5 adorable puppies. They are 3 weeks old at the moment, 3 black (2 boys, 1 girl), 1 black and white (boy) and an adorable cream one (boy). They are living under a woodpile at the moment and I am desperately seeking homes for them when they are old enough to leave their mum. The mother is only a small dog so the pups shouldn't be too big when they are fully grown.

We will adopt the mother and get her spayed when she has weaned the pups even though we already have 6 dogs but hope the pups can be found good homes.

Have a few photos and will post some more when they get older.

If you feel you could help please get in touch, I am in Dalaman.



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Puppies need a good home
Oh Skiddly, they are gorgeous! I do hope that you can find homes for them, i will also ask around.
The pups are locted in Dalaman for anyone that is interested in giving them a home..


Puppies need a good home
Puppies are now old enough to leave mum if anyone could please give them a home???? PM for further details

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